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Phun with Dye

August 29, 2011

Ahhh, so I had just a few moments here and there on Saturday to work on dying up some yarn. I’m so thrilled with the way it turned out! Actually, I should mention that the only reason I could dye “good” yarn on Saturday is because a great friend of mine took Melinda with her and her daughter out to Monkey Joe’s for the day…that gave me enough time to play with my test yarn (lion brand fisherman’s wool) on Friday and feel confident to use my new dyes on my “good” yarn on Saturday, so THANK YOU JANET!

So this was the end result of my dear husband putting in Super Dad time on Saturday morning:

On the personal side, Charlie’s sleep had been driving me batty over the last month or so, so I decided last week to really focus on naps. We didn’t schedule ANYTHING for the week and I focused on getting Charlie the naps that he needed. Mon, Tues, Wed all went GREAT as far as naps, but he was still up LOTS at night, and then on Thurs, Fri and Sat his morning naps were OK, not so great in the afternoon, but then he SLEPT most of the night!! Sunday his naps were consistent with Saturday and he slept pretty well last night too (bed @ 8, up twice, down @ 10, eat at 1 and 5, awake at 7:45). He finally took a real morning nap today (9-11) and is kinda working on an afternoon nap now…here’s hoping that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Also, Melinda had become really demanding, constantly asking for things (toys, TV shows, songs on the radio) – it was non-stop. She had also begun to complain about feeding the dogs and try to negotiate things like when she’d get dressed and why…it was exhausting. I dug out a “responsibility chart” (from Melissa and Doug – it’s magnetic and fantastic, we’d had it for over a year, but had put it away for a long time) on Wednesday and her behavior has been TONS better. A few little melt-downs here and there, but she REALLY enjoys getting the smiley faces on the chart – we haven’t even talked about a “big reward” for doing all the stuff for a few weeks or anything yet. She’s just reveling in getting positive reinforcement and smiley faces at the moment, and I think that’s fantastic!

Charlie has been eating lots of fun things lately – carrots, sweet peas and potatoes, and we’ll be adding pears and apples soon too! He’s almost mastered sitting alone (which I’m very excited for!) and is generally a happy, easy-going little lad that’s a joy to be around, and Melinda is pretty cool too ;o)

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