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Christmas Recap…

December 28, 2011

3 days later and I still have yet to catch my breath.  I have knitting to do, but I wanted to put a few notes about Christmas down.

My folks were here, finally moved into their new home and invited us over for Christmas eve, where we celebrated Christmas – Kent style.  We enjoyed a nice family dinner and then all the wrapped presents from and to the family that were under the tree were opened, one at a time.  We started around 6 (5:30??) and by 7:30 we’d made it through most of them.  Charlie was very tired but we did a good job of keeping him occupied.  I can’t even describe what a warm happy glow I have from the fun of that night.  It felt good to re-live my childhood, in a new house with my kids.

After we arrived home we quickly put the kiddos to bed and began working on wrapping the rest of the presents.  By midnight we’d finished everything we needed to do to celebrate on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning and afternoon we opened more gifts and ate a lot of ham.  Every dish on the table for Christmas dinner contained pig!  Bacon in the green beans and potato dish, pork rinds in the baked beans and, of course, the honey baked ham!

Sadly, Charlie was cutting his second tooth during the festivities, and not in the best of spirits.  He was a little trooper, but he wasn’t quite his happy go lucky, easy going self.  The tooth finally broke half-way through yesterday and is almost completely through today.  He’s already acting more like himself.

Last night, Melinda and I had “a sleep-over” (“NOT a slumber party, because at a slumber party you stay up and party and then go to bed, but a SLEEP-over, you actually go to sleep.” in the words of Miss M).

Tomorrow, we’re hosting a play-date with Madeline, one of Melinda’s dearest and oldest friends.

New Year’s Eve, Widespread Panic will be playing here in Charlotte and we’ll be there! 🙂

Whew…so much to do!  Back to the little owl I’m currently working on, can’t wait to see how he turns out…he’s awfully cute already!

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