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OK, I caught the bug…

July 10, 2012

So, I’ve been spinning like a crazy person for the last week!!

About 2 weeks ago my sweet Betsy broke.  Her crank had become unmanageably loose and, apparently her conrod began to swivel in the wheel…basically, she just wasn’t working, at all.  😦  And this happened just as I had gotten super excited about spinning yarn to use on the NEW Waldorf inspired dolls I’ve been making (more on that soon).

My most wonderful husband noticed how sad I was that Betsy was broken and we had been unable to come up with a good way to fix her and offered to “keep and eye out” for a new wheel on ebay…well, the timing could not have been better as a new-in-box, never opened Ashford Traditional Double Drive showed up and the bids were very low.  Long-story short we won her at a VERY good price and she arrived in FANTASTIC condition.  She’s even more beautiful than I’d hoped she would be and she runs like a dream (I haven’t even figured out all her bells and whistles yet!).

She was painstakingly put together by my dear husband on July 4th and I immediately sat down and started making wonderful yarn with her…

Here is today’s bobbin full (and my constant companion, Diver – who’s fur I hope to spin up soon!):Image

Here is what this week’s skeins look like as doll hair!  (squee!!)

MM “Cornish Pixie” PhunSpun Yarn (single and 2-ply)


FR “Chocolate Rose” and MM “Malayian Orchid”

DBK Happathy PhunSpun Hand Spun Yarn (Single and 2-ply)

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