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The making of Doriella.

July 18, 2012

I’m really in love with the parts of the doll making process that I feel proficient in.  I adore spinning their hair, making the wig cap, adding the hair and knitting for them.

After my Mother-in-Law saw Melinda’s new doll “Lisa” she requested one (well, she may have been joking, but I took her up on the offer!)  I immediately ordered another (couple of) blank dolls and had to sit on my hands while they were painstakingly stitched (in Latvia, no less) and then traveled through International Mail.  During that wait, my Dutch castle spinning wheel, Betsy, broke.  I was heartbroken at the timing, as I’d just gotten excited to start spinning some hair for my Mother-in-Law’s doll!!  Thankfully, my new wheel arrived just as the doll blanks did and I got right to spinning.

Here is the yarn I made for my second lil doll.

After spinning the yarn, I crocheted the wig cap, and of course began adding yarn to it.

Adding the hair takes a very long time.  It is really interesting to see the personality really come out as you add hair to the head.

As I put the hair on the dolls I start to think about their names, so it was around the time that had finished her wig I was walking by the dolly and thought “Well, you’re just a little Gypsy, aren’t you?”  Lightning struck, and I thought, “that’s how I’ll find her name!”  You see, Adam’s Mother’s Mom WAS a gypsy…at least that’s how the story goes.  She was found on a doorstep the day after the gypsies had come through town (or something to that effect).  So I decided that I’d take to the web and type in “Dorothy” (Adam’s Grandmother’s name) and “gypsy name” and see what came up.

I found a link to an artist (Augustus Edwin John) who had a close “friend” and “lifelong inspiration” named Dorothy whom he nicknamed Dorelia.  I don’t know why, but in my brain, when I read the story I switched it around to something more like “Dory-ella” – and this is how Doriella found her name.

Now she needed some clothing!

and finally some shoes!  I better go work on them!

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