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Meet Doriella

July 22, 2012

This is Doriella, she’s a 15 inch Waldorf inspired doll.  Her skin is organic cotton and she is stuffed with organic wool.  Her hair is all hand dyed (by Mosaic Moon and Family Roots) and most of it was hand spun by me (there is a bit of 100purewool in there too, which is a very soft 100% merino 2 ply).  I hand knit her “Mini Sweater,” hand crocheted her little shoes, stitched her skirt and needle-felted her little robin friend “Tweetsie.”

This little “strawberry brunette” has just a bit of Gypsy in her, so don’t let her love of peaceful activities like reading and birdwatching fool you, there is a little bit of fire in her belly!!

Here is a sweet as candy picture of Doriella and her cousin, Lisa, together.  They’re the best of friends, though Lisa doesn’t really get to play with Doriella nearly as much as she’d like to!

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