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Antique Yarn Winder

February 13, 2013


I think this is an antique yarn winder but can’t figure out how one would get the skein off after it is wound?

RE mardeeknits comment below – yes, I could remove the pin holding the “bobbin” part, if the bolt weren’t rusted to it.  So  that would be part of getting the yarn off – but then there is an issue with with arms extending so far beyond the posts where they yarn would be wound.

I could take the “big bobbin” off – but then I can’t imagine how one would get the actual skein over those long arms…HELP!  🙂

I would end up with something like what’s in this blog post (but with 4 arms, not 6):

Here are pictures of the pin

DSC04102 DSC04103


Adventures in Alpaca

August 19, 2012

Yesterday my folks called me to ask if I was interested in some alpaca “roving,” so I said “Sure!”  Of course, I was curious to see what they would bring over.  It turns out it is unprocessed alpaca, in a caramel and ecru.

I hand carded a few rologs

and then spun a tiny bit up…not so happy with the results…hmmm…what to do now?

Here are a couple of close ups of the fiber, pre and post a quick flick on the hand cards:

Amia’s Photo Shoot…

August 13, 2012

I just ADORE the way Amia turned out.  She let me know she’s a bit of a tomboy (thus the longies and ponytail!) but I know she’s a little princess at heart.  She loves her adopted furry pal and you will too.

Furry Friend

August 12, 2012

All about Amia…

August 2, 2012

I’m currently working on Amia.  She’s a 15 inch Waldorf inspired doll.  Her skin is organic cotton and she is stuffed with organic wool.  Her hair is all hand dyed (by Mosaic Moon) in the “Selah” colorway, and most of it was hand spun by me (there is a bit of Cestari in there too, which is very sturdy 100% merino yarn).  Her longies are MM Selah on Cestari with purple trim.  Her shorties are made with the same MM purple trim.  Her sweater is made with the same fiber as her hair; hand spun, hand knit and crochet embellished by yours truly.

I will be auctioning off Amia.  Beginning on August 15th and ending on the 17th, you will have the opportunity to bid on Amia so that I can send her home to you.  Her reserve is set at my cost of materials.  A portion of all proceeds will go directly to the Yancy County Humane Society.

Here are a few sneak peaks of Amia and her wool accessories thus far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do not plan to post any more sneak peaks, but I will be working away on her.  A pair of purple shorties is in the works…

I hope to post her upload/auction pictures on August 12th!  Take care!


August 1, 2012

Sneak Peak of Amia’s new longies!

Amia is getting ready for her auction on August 15th!

Miss M and her baby Lisa

July 28, 2012

Lisa goes everywhere with us these days.